Welcome to our HoPe Store!

We believe you are powerful, therefore,

everything we design is intentionally crafted to provide you with a reminder of that truth.  

HoPe Hoodie


HoPe Hoodie




From the moment you put on your HoPe Hoodie, you are reminded that you belong to a community who supports and believes in you. 

It is an item that will place a smile on your face, keep you cozy in the cold, and give you the confidence to strive for success.

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My 2021 Word Bracelets

There is power in personal reminders...

"My 2021 Word Bracelet" serves as a powerful customized piece of art that provides you a daily reminder to be your best. 

Choose one word to go on your bracelet, choose between a gold or silver plated token, and let us create one of the most impactful pieces of jewelry for you. 

As a BONUS: The purchase of each bracelet supports your local HoPe Chapter of choice! Each bracelet cost $20 with Free Shipping included!

*This bracelet fundraiser is provided in partnership with the MyIntent Project. 

Next up, we have our current HoPe T-shirts!

The following 3 shirts have been designed with you in mind. 

1. 10 Years:

This shirt was designed to commemorate the first decade of HoPe and the 10,000+ students who have walked through the program. This piece includes a powerful message (behind the logo) to each person wearing it of the power they hold within. 

2. Limited Edition:

We believe you are 1 of a kind! There is no one like you, and that is AWESOME!

May you own your uniqueness and be who you were made to be... YOU


We believe that if you have a PULSE, you have a PURPOSE! This piece is a constant reminder to go out and live FULLY alive and not take a single moment for granted. 



Every dollar you spend goes to support the development of Hispanic youth through all of our programs and initiatives. 

Thank you!