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Parenting does not come with a manual and right when you are feeling comfortable with one stage, another one comes. We want to support YOU as your navigate your teenagers success in high school and beyond. 

To achieve this, we are here to get your student connected to a strong community at their school, assist their growth as a leader, and provide them the guidance and resources they need to apply for college, receive scholarships, and reach their ultimate career destination. 



HoPe is a nonprofit organization with one of a kind interactive extra-curricular programming that provides a powerful community for high school students to feel connected, grow and maximize their potential. 

We have been placing students in top tier colleges across the country by giving them the platform to elevate their leadership, have educational resources and give back to their community.




We build communities for students to succeed through our HoPe Leadership Chapters. 


Our local chapters are available for students belonging to their respective high school, along with a national chapter open to all students to participate in.


We provide students with leadership development training, educational coaching and resources, plus community service opportunities. 


Students thrive when they are in a community that supports them, inspires them and challenges them. We provide a support system for students to know that they are not alone. We also provide role models for students to visualize themselves saying, "if they did it, I can also do it."

Studies show that there is an important relationship between extra-curricular activities and academic achievement, and all show that students who participate in them have higher grades, more positive attitudes toward school, and higher academic aspirations.

Plus, your student will be able to have fun in a positive environment and create long lasting friendships. 



Your student becomes a member and they get connected to their local and/or national chapter.


Your student builds community at their local school by actively participating in all chapter activities. These include: monthly meetings, community service projects, fundraisers, outings, etc. 


Your student receives additional resources and guidance by engaging with our national programs, including educational workshops, leadership sessions, national meeting, etc. 


There are many benefits of being a HoPe Member. Check them out: 

A One Year Membership to The HoPe Leadership Chapters

The HoPe Leadership Chapters are an official extracurricular activity. Students can add this as part of their brag sheet for college and scholarship applications. The HoPe Membership is for one school year.

Access to Exclusive Monthly Meetings

Members are granted access to monthly meetings. Members with local Chapters will join meetings through their respective high school for engaging activities, leadership sessions, educational updates, plus more. National members without a local Chapter will be invited to join the HoPe National Meeting through a secure virtual platform for an interactive time, leadership sessions, educational updates, plus more. *Dates and details provided to members only.

Access to Exclusive Educational Webinars

Members get access to educational webinars to ensure each member is on the path to pursuing their dreams. *Dates and details provided to members only.

Local Chapter Programming (Service Events, and more...)

Members who are part of a local HoPe Leadership Chapter have the opportunity to join their respective chapter programming including service projects, special events plus more. Don't have a local HoPe Leadership Chapter... you can always create one!

Graduation Recognitions

*Senior HoPe members who have paid their $25 Membership dues their senior year have the opportunity of earning a graduation cord, along with additional graduation swag. Become a Regular Paid Member and receive details on how to obtain your HoPe Grad Recognitions!

A Lifetime of an Amazing Community

By becoming a HoPe Member you join a community of brilliant individuals empowering each other and providing support for a lifetime. Our goal is that HoPe serves as a cornerstone during your high school years and beyond. It is our hope that when you achieve higher education goals, attain your first professional job, expand your family or move to a new city, that HoPe and the HoPe Fam will be part of your story.


We are glad you asked!

To become members, students must fill out the online HoPe Membership Form available using the button below. In the HoPe Membership Form, students will choose between the Free Membership ($0) or the Regular Paid Membership ($25). For all students who choose the Regular Paid Membership ($25), they will pay their dues directly to their high school chapter utilizing the high schools club payment system (please contact the local chapter to learn more about the club payment system as all schools operate differently).

A few disclaimers :
*Your student(s) must be a current high school student*
**If you do not have a local chapter yet choose a Regular Paid Membership ($25), you will pay your $25 dues directly on the HoPe Membership Form.**


“HoPe has inspired me to continue my dreams while creating long-lasting friendships with other Latinos. HoPe provided me with endless opportunities to grow personally, academically, and professionally.”


—  Eduardo Muñoz, Berkmar HoPe Alumnus

Emory University Graduate


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