91% of our HoPe Team is composed of Alumni who have graduated from our program and have returned to serve the rising generation. 92% of our HoPe Team volunteers at least 40 hours a month to ensure the organization reaches success in its programming, events, and initiatives. Meet our amazing team below: 



David Araya I President and CEO

Angela Hurtado I Vice President and COO

Kimberly Alvarez I Executive Assistant

Luis Otero I Project Manager to the CEO


We are movers and shakers, introverts and extroverts, HoPe 

enthusiasts and world changers. Together we work together to

elevate the rising generation.




Sebastian Puerta I Director of Alumni Engagement

Valentina Suarez I Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Anayely Moreno I Alumni Events Coordinator

Sofia Rincon I Alumni Engagement Intern



Diana Vela I Director of Leadership Chapters

Jayda Hurtado I Leadership Chapters Coordinator

Marco Yescas I Chapters Fundraising Coordinator

Sonia Martinez I Chapters Community Service Coordinator

Paulina Ponce I Chapters Social Media Coordinator

Ivan Tlaseca I Leadership Chapters Intern

Kate Trujillo I Supervisor, District 1

Sara Marin I Supervisor, District 2

Janet Madera I Supervisor, District 3

Cynthia Lopez I Supervisor, District 4

Bianca Ramos I Supervisor, District 5

Katherine Rodriguez I Supervisor, District 6

Jayda Hurtado I Supervisor, District 7

Amada Contreras I Supervisor, District 8

Jennifer Silva I Supervisor, District 9

Sebastian Hurtado I Supervisor, District 10

Carolina Melendez I Supervisor, District 11

Ivan Tlaseca I Supervisor, District 12

Jennifer Zenteno I Supervisor, District 13

Jimmy Padilla I Supervisor, District 14

Alan Reyes I Supervisor, District 15

Brenda Flores I Supervisor, District 16

Zianyia Cortes I Supervisor, District 17

Carlos Jasso I Supervisor, District 18

Jessie Santiago I Supervisor, District 19

Maryury Deloya I Supervisor, District 20

Cynthia Acevedo I Supervisor, District 21

Zarina Frausto I Supervisor, District 22

Jeickob Tinoco I Supervisor, District 23



Jennifer Franco I Director of Development

Gustavo Salazar I Development Coordinator

Ramses Salcedo I Fundraising Coordinator

Kian Kassam I Grants Coordinator

Patricio Patiño I Grants Coordinator



Itzel Rivera I Director of Education

Amy Vicente I Education Coordinator

Cesar Lopez I Education Intern / Graduation Coach

Clara Grimaldo I Ventanilla de Orientacion Educativa Coordinator

Justin Acosta I Graduation Coach

Cristian Arguello I Graduation Coach

Lupe Arteaga I Graduation Coach

Maria Aveiga I Graduation Coach

Adolfo Berduo I Graduation Coach

Karla Chavez I Graduation Coach

Karen Fraire I Graduation Coach

Zarina Frausto I Graduation Coach

Jennifer Grimaldo I Graduation Coach

Joselyn Gutierrez I Graduation Coach

Freddie Hernandez I Graduation Coach

Cristina Huaca I Graduation Coach

Melissa Juarez I Graduation Coach

Natyelli Lopez I Graduation Coach

Alejandro Magana I Graduation Coach

Diana Melcario I Graduation Coach

Nicolas Montoya I Graduation Coach

Katherine Narciso I Graduation Coach

Yentil Nicolas I Graduation Coach

Albert Pham I Graduation Coach

Julie Pinott I Graduation Coach

Lizbeth Reyes I Graduation Coach

Sofia Rincon I Graduation Coach

Walter Sanders I Graduation Coach

Valentina Suarez I Graduation Coach

Amy Tin I Graduation Coach

Daniela Valdez I Graduation Coach

Mariletzy Venegas I Graduation Coach



Dani Herrera I Expansion Coordinator - GA & AL

Anahi Tejada I Expansion Coordinator - GA & NC

Mariletzy Venegas I Expansion Coordinator - GA & TN



Chelsey Castro I Director of Legacy Leaders

Elizabeth Rivera I Legacy Leader Coordinator

Mariana Marquez I Legacy Leader Intern



Sebastian Maturino I Content Creator

Paulina Ponce I Social Media Coordinator

Anahi Tejada I Social Media Intern

Jeickob Tinoco I Graphic Designer




Maria Lemus I Director of Volunteer Engagement

Daniela Puerto I Volunteer Engagement Coordinator