Pathways After High School

Are you about to graduate from High School? Do you know what you are doing after graduation?

No? well, that's alright! What is important right now, is developing your post-secondary plan, identifying your first step, and getting you set up for success.  here are many different pathways to the careers you may be interested in and the route you take depends on where you are most comfortable starting off in.

If you are considering either of the first two routes or are not sure, we encourage you to check out the “Career Exploration,” and “Discovering College Majors” sections to explore what level of educational attainment your interests require. Finding the best program that set you up for success should be our top priority!

  1. Technical, Vocational, and Certification Programs: Many students consider continuing their education upon graduation and pursuing an additional diploma or certification program in a trade or career that is in high demand. You can learn more about this pathway by visiting “Choosing a Vocational School or Certificate Program” and this list of vocational programs you can explore.

  2. Higher Education: In addition to the first route, my students may consider pursuing an associate's degree, a 2-year program, or Bachelor degree, 4-year university program. You can learn more about this pathway by checking out the “Finding the Right College”, College Applications”,  “Discovering College Majors” and by visiting the college search engine by College Board

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