Meet The Team

Every year we take joy in working with our high school students and their communities. As we have grown as an organization and community, we have taken on the privilege of working with students in Georgia, North Carolina, and California. As more students join our organization, we take on the challenge of developing educational programming, resources, and services that meet your immediate and long-term educational needs, concerns, and questions. 

With that in mind, we are proud to showcase to you WHO, our team is comprised of and WHAT it is that we do to support your academic and educational progress through high school and beyond. Every year, our Education Department is comprised of amazing individuals who are ready and excited to get to work with you—be you, one of our Legacy Leaders, Leadership Coaches, or HoPe Members. We are here for you!

Our team consists of current college or university students and young professionals who share HoPe's mission and values. They all demonstrate an interest or previous experience within the fields of Education, Youth Development, Mentorship, Communication, Higher Education; and, understand the educational barriers that our predominately first-generation, underrepresented, and/or Latinx and Hispanic students encounter in high school and college. 

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